Steph - 30 Sep 11
Edited mine and Jami's parts... I didn't touch the Legay part.
Mra, you can use the backgrounds available for your slides too..
The file is over 20MB... so it's drop box again.


Jami - 26 Sep 11
Just finished the slides ! The notes for presentation are also inside.
Its quite a big file now.

Please take it from here :

Jami :)
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Steph - 24 Sep/25 Sep
Added my part - without pictures and other background QUEEN.pptx
just scanned the images from the book yesterday here -- file size too big so uploaded in dropbox

Other materials:

Jami - 20 Sep 11
The link to the other slides on the band and Freddie:
from steph..

Jami -18 Sep 11
Hi Ladies
Here's my part of the slides... please see if ok

The timeline for rock bank is attached here... i didn't include everything too long.
You can take a look....


16 Sep 11
Our Discussion on the storyboard -
Presentation StoryBoard
Play A Song
A pix of them
Brief description of the band, genre, their parts
How the band was formed
About the lead singer, Freddy
Interesting triva about Freddy

Analysing his music
Overall genres
The songs
Context and complexity of songs

- Star
- Statues
- Movies
- Advertisements
- musical
What queen means to us
- their music
- why do we choose them
Graphic of their lives... peaks....
Their awards

- Song (uplifting)

  • Quotation can be anywhere.....

13 Sep 11 -Outline of Presentation
[From wikipedia]

Add - history of Freddie pre-queen
  • Who are they?
  • Genre of Music
Their Family?
  • His parents
  • Brothers, sisters?
Their Friends?
  • Any to highlight
Their History
Their Songs
  • Discography
  • Selected hits and their context - Which is the song they made them famous?
    • e.g. Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Songs which show the human condition?
Influences / Characterised by
(can be placed in front too under introduction)
Impact on the world till today
Musicals - We will rock you
Tribute concerts
Freddie's birthday tribute - Rolling stones video
American Idol - songs sung by contestants and made popular again
Aids Awareness
Artists with similar styles - e.g. Mika
Facts and Figures
Awards and Recognition
Chart Positions
Queen Songs in Movies / Video Games / Commercials
  • We Will Rock You (end of presentation)
  • We are the Champions (end of presentation)


Journal Articles

Online Resources